Ordering & Pickup Redefined

Easily order, pay & enjoy your food any way you like.

How curbngo works

1. Select

Select where you want to get food

2. Order

Place your order and select how you’d like to receive your food

3. Pay

Payment is processed once you receive your order

4. Eat

Enjoy your fresh deliciousness!

Why choose curbngo?


Order and pay right from your phone


No need to leave your car! Kids? Pets? No problem!

Avoid Fees

No need to search out costly parking lots

Time Saving

No waiting in crowded lines

Travel Light

No need to carry cash or cards

Coming soon to a restaurant near you!

Add curbngo to your restaurant

When you join Curbngo, your customers have a new, easy way to access your food. You get more orders, larger orders, and a simple way to manage it all.

We offer the restaurant :
An app platform to receive, manage, and control orders efficiently
Know who your valued customers are and the ability to market to them directly
Live reports and statistical data package
Ability to promote coupons to customers
Ability to have people order from seat or vehicle
Less lines in your restaurant
No more having to answer phone orders

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